Select the right Field Service Management software for you: FieldWeb, Jobber, or Housecall Pro

Which Field Service Management Software is best for you? FieldWeb vs Jobber. Housecall Pro

It doesn’t matter if you are starting your field service management search or if you have already looked at several vendors. You will want to compare the options and take a look at which ones offer the best value. These three FSM software, as mentioned above, are some of the most popular on the market. The decision on which one to use will depend on what you need, your industry, and your budget. All three platforms provide robust solutions for large field teams that can scale with expansion. This blog will help explain the differences in FieldWeb, Jobber, Housecall Pro and how to choose the right CRM for your company.

An overview FieldWeb

FieldWeb is a Saas-based platform compatible with every device, whether mobile, tablet, or desktop.

In addition, it has the following features:

  • Customer Management
  • Income and expense management
  • Real-time task scheduling
  • Inventory Management
  • Inquiry Management
  • Annual Maintenance Contract Management and many more

In short, FieldWeb gives you the chance to reap the rewards of higher productivity and improved business operations with a straightforward and intuitive UI of web and mobile apps.

An overview of Jobber

Jobber’s Field Service Management Software is designed to help you manage your field services. Jobber makes it easier to manage jobs efficiently, optimize routes, transmit quotes and invoices via text messages, and receive payment on the spot. In addition, the Jobber is quick and easy to use.

An overview of Housecall Pro

The home service software was designed to be used by professionals. It will help to improve your business productivity. It doesn’t matter if you are in the office or out in the field. They made it easy to set up a job, communicate and book customers online, send estimates or invoices, and receive payment.

Feature to Feature comparison of Fieldweb vs Jobber vs Housecall Pro 

Jobber, Housecall Pro, FieldWeb all offer basic features. They also offer slight variations on the standard features, which makes it worth comparing. They are, however, similar in specific ways. 


  • First, Housecall Pro might be the more attractive option if you don’t have a website.
  • Scheduling and Dispatch.
  • Customer Management.
  • Invoicing and Payment Processing.
  • Postcard Marketing and Email Remarketing.
  • Messaging and Communication.


  • Client Manager
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Invoicing and Follow-ups
  • Mobile App


FieldWeb is the perfect tool for you if your business falls under the Small Medium Business (SMB) category. It will help boost productivity in the field and increase the speed of field operations.

  • Real-time tracking 
  • Inventory Management  
  • Income and Expense management  
  • Customer Management  
  • Annual Maintenance Contract Management (AMC) 
  • On the fly job completion reports

Comparison w.r.t industry they focus

Before you decide on FieldWeb or Jobber, as well as Housecall Pro, be sure to consider your industry. Although both solutions are available, you should consider your industry before you make a decision. Housecall Pro, Jobber, FieldWeb all offer specialty options for a range of industries. A solution that offers a specialty for your industry can make your life easier and ultimately save you time and money.

 Jobber provides specializations for over 20 industries. However, the system can be used by most field service businesses. Specializations in specific industries include:

  • Appliance Repair
  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Pest Control

FieldWeb platform is designed to cater to more than 70 industries in the service sector which helps field businesses to improve their productivity and enhanced efficiency. If we need to opt-out some top industries, so these are the following:

  • Pest Control,
  • Printer,
  • CCTV,
  • HVAC
  • Laptop,
  • Genset Repair,
  • RO,
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Refrigerator
  • Interior design

Housecall Pro currently has nine industry specializations on its platform. Housecall Pro is just like Jobber. You can still use it if your business is in the field or the home service industry. Additional features are available to cater to the specific needs of particular industries.

  • HVAC 
  • Plumbing 
  • Window cleaning 
  • Home cleaning 
  • Pest control 
  • Electrical 
  • Garage door 

It’s important to note a significant industry overlap between FieldWeb, Jobber, and Housecall Pro.

Given below is the table that will give you a significant idea of the industries.  

Deployment options 

Say goodbye to your old on-premise solution—FieldWeb, Jobber, and Housecall Pro are cloud-based solutions that run in your web browser. This model offers several advantages. 

  1. No need to download large applications that hog processing power 
  2. No more installing software updates 
  3. Better security and reliability for your field business  

All three apps are mobile-friendly because they are cloud-based. In addition, Jobber, Housecall Pro, and Field web all offer iOS and Android support. It also allows field workers to manage their daily operations like accepting and completing tasks, report generation, and accepting payment from their mobile phones.

Budget considerations

Jobber, FieldWeb, and Housecall Pro offer three different pricing tiers. However, Housecall Pro offers the fourth tier for enterprise-sized businesses. This plan can only be arranged by request. Each tier of Housecall Pro and Jobber is available in monthly or annual billing. Each plan has a limited number of users whereas FieldWeb offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual plans. Housecall Pro lets you add additional users at a per-user-per-month rate. Jobber does not.

Field web is designed for Bharat. Hence, it was essential for us to keep in mind that every field service can leverage its services without worrying about its pockets. All of Fieldweb’s plans are scalable — it means that you pay a nominal fee only for the no. of field workers using the app. It helps us keep our efforts and the value we bring to your field services business fair and square. 

Jobber is slightly less expensive than Housecall Pro for the first three tiers. At first glance, the third pricing plan for both vendors appears identical, but Jobber offers more for your money. For example, Housecall Pro’s third level allows you to add up to ten users. Jobber, however, allows you to add up to 30 users. Jobber also offers upgrades at a custom cost for additional users.


We can help if you’re not sure which Field Service Management is right for you. FieldWeb allows you to request a free, customized demo of the best FSM software. We’ll get to know you and then match you with the best features we think you will love. Signing up for an account is simple and takes less than five minutes. So get started today to build a more productive field business.

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