Real-Time Data Collection in FSM Software

Field Service Management (FSM) can be described as any system that helps us track the various components involved in field operations with its real-time data collection features. 

These components usually include Job Task scheduling, Inventory management, Income and Expense Management, Inquiry Management, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Management, On Ground Tracking, etc. 

These components can be managed using cloud-based software as a service (SaaS). Business owners and field workers can access the portal via their mobile devices. Business owners can use FSM solutions to manage everything, from field workers’ efficiency tracking to customer empowerment.

Real-time data collection; a way to keep a watch on the fieldworker: A Myth  

Unfortunately, many field workers mistakenly interpret the notion of real-time tracking. They believe that real-time tracking will allow 24*7 surveillance by their employers to intrude on their privacy.

Real-time data collection; Saviour for field business: A Reality  

Real-time data collection involves 

  •  Gathering, integrating, and interpreting business data and information.
  •  Smoothing the real-time processes in the management and operations of the field service.

Every business tries its best to overcome the challenges, but it’s difficult for field service managers to hit their targets and achieve results in all directions. Therefore, it’s important to make every tactical and strategic decision based on accurate data and in such a way that your whole team will comply. 

The idea of real-time data collection thus ensures smoother and swifter operations of the field business. The real-time data collection includes many features like:  

  • Real-time tracking
  • Real-time job task scheduling
  • Real-time inventory management
  • Real-time income and expense management  
  • Real-Time Enquiry Management
  • Real-time AMC management  

And many more…. 

What is Real-Time tracking? 

Real-time tracking is also known as on-ground tracking, which is finding the current location of a person, vehicle, or object in real-time using a GPS device. Using the signals that a GPS device constantly receives from the satellite, the employer can track the person or vehicle working on the ground.

For example, If a business owner has many customer inquiries, it is important to respond quickly. But, unfortunately, he still wastes time calling every fieldworker and asking about his current job status

which leads him to miss out on many opportunities and hence it loses revenue. 

Benefits of real-time tracking  

* It helps to know the exact location of field workers

* Increase transparency between field workers and employers

* Improvement in the productivity and efficiency of service operations

* On-time completion of jobs

 Real-time job task scheduling: A prime feature

FSM software includes real-time job task planning as a prime feature, which can help you establish your priorities.

It makes it easy to keep track of any task you have. The software lets you keep track of your current and future tasks/job. You can also change the status of the tasks and mark them as completed/pending or upcoming. 

Benefits of real-time job task scheduling  

* Record your job details easily

* Find the exact location of your workplace.

* Manage and schedule future job requests.

What is Inventory Management?

Inventory management is the systematic way to source and stores inventory; this includes both raw materials (components) and finished goods (products). Inventory management, in business terms, refers to the appropriate stock, at the same levels, at all times, in the best place, and at the most reasonable price.

In the service industry, inventory management is essential. Your inventory (e.g., equipment, tools, stocks) will allow you to serve your customers with high-quality services.

Inventory Management has many benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize fulfillment
  • Improve customer field services 
  • Protect your assets from theft, loss, or spoilage. 

What is the Enquiry Management system? 

An enquiry management system is an automated tool that works on your front line so that every new inquiry is handled with the care it deserves. Inquiries are logged, tracked, and managed so that business owners can take the right action at the right time. It also gives management a bird’s eye view of how inquiries are handled to better predict field workers’ performance.

The benefits of the Enquiry Management System

  • Every enquiry will be dealt on the right time
  • No error in enquiry submission
  • Enhance customer relationship & customer management 

What is Income and Expense management

FSM software offers a great feature that is Income and expense management. It allows the business Owners to submit, track and process field workers’ expenses, and keep track of their forecasted and daily earnings. It is also used to invoice billable hours and reimbursable project expenses.

Benefits of Income and Expense management  

  • Faster Employee Reimbursement

With automated expense reimbursement, employees can submit expense reports and corresponding documentation without delay.

  • Fewer Delays and Errors

In addition to reducing the time it takes to reimburse employees, these features also help to improve accounting accuracy.

  • Improved Visibility

FSM software includes a dashboard that compiles employee expense data and presents it in an easy-to-understand visual format using charts and other graphics.

 What is AMC Management?

The FSM software has an innovative and effective feature called the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). It allows business owners to seamlessly manage all of their Annual Maintenance Contract services in one place.

AMC management can be a great option if you’re tired of filling out registers and marking customer service dates on calendars.

AMC real-time administration not only saves you time but also strengthens your relationships with customers.

This feature allows you to keep track of all your services that have been completed, renewed, expired, or are coming up.

AMC Benefits 

* The installed machine at the customer’s place runs smoothly and continuously

* Maintaining good relationships with customers

* Checking the equipment’s warranty and guarantee

* Boon to manage the field service business

Real-time data collection: The need of the hour

Many of the features mentioned above can now be automated using the FSM solutions. These features can help increase the productivity of field workers and managers by providing real-time access to data and algorithmically enhanced scheduling. Real-time analytics and a live dashboard make it easier for business owners to monitor the job’s status.

What are the best apps for field service management?

After reading all the features, the biggest question is: How do I choose the right app for my business?

Many field service software apps are available on the market. However, FieldWeb’s FSM mobile app stands out due to its native features.

FieldWeb is a trusted app that can help you improve productivity and streamline your business operations.

It has assisted many SMBs (Small Medium businesses) increase their productivity by as much as 30% and increasing their revenue by as much as 35%.

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