Inventory Management

Inventory Management for small businesses

Inventory management is essential to evaluate your business regularly to ensure that you’re on track to succeed. It is one of the most integral parts of your business.

How has your small business’s inventory management panned out? Have you had the right products available when you needed them? Did you lose out on business when items were out of stock? Or did you lose money due to excess inventory?

What is Inventory management?

Inventory management is the part of supply chain management that aims to always have the right products in the correct quantity for the technician’s use at the right time. When done effectively, businesses reduce excess inventory costs while maximizing services. Good inventory management can help you track your inventory in real-time to streamline the field business processes.

By effectively managing your inventory, you can have the right products in the correct quantity in hand and avoid products being out of stock. You can also ensure your products are assigned in time to the right-field worker at the right time. It will prevent spoilage or obsolescence or spending too much money on a stock that’s taking up space in a warehouse or stockroom.

Good inventory management software should:

  • Reduce expense leakages, improve cash flow, and boost your business’s bottom line
  • Keep track of your inventory in real-time.
  • Help you forecast demand.
  • Prevent buying of excess stock and too many raw materials
  • Allow for easy inventory analysis on any device.
  • Optimize warehouse organization and precious employee time

Using dedicated inventory management software for your small business

Dedicated Field Service management software like FieldWeb will get you over hurdles created by inventory management pain points. 

Essentially, if you are spending too much of your time in Excel or you dread doing weekly stock takes, you might want to consider sacrificing the money to purchase a dedicated small business inventory management solution. With it, you can wipe out problems like manual errors, double counting errors, and of course, subdue day-to-day operational pain points, like matching or sorting through backorders.

Whether you use Excel or a dedicated solution, inventory management is a must. It’s also easy to integrate into early-stage business and will help you optimize every stage of production and supply to help your company grow.

 No matter which field service industry you belong to, be it a RO and water purifier field service industry and have been using excel to manage your inventory which includes filters, alkaliser, UV systems, etc., or maybe plumbing field service industry who operates the stock by taking notes of the available inventory like taps, pipes, etc. and have been facing complications in the management of the inventory.

Then it is time to choose the proper Field Service Management (FSM) software which gives the advantage of the inventory management tool that makes the process smooth and easy. It makes it easy for any field service business owner to track the inventory, thus reducing the overhead costs.

FieldWeb’s inventory management feature: Rescue for the overhead expenses on stock 

FieldWeb is a free cloud-based field service management software that gives you the advantage of the inventory management of small businesses to track inventory by item or in bulk. This helps the field business owner keep track of the inventory assigned to the field worker.  

How to track your inventory with FieldWeb:

  1. In the column “assign inventory,” you can assign the inventory to any technician. 
  2. Adjust the count of an item and add a note if needed
  3. Finally, when you assign the inventory to any of the technicians, you will track the change in the numbers of the entire stock within the application. 

Are you also from any of the field service industries and have been facing problems in inventory management? In that case, it is time to find the solution to the issues and make your field business breathe the fresh air of automation.  

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