Field Service Management Software For Small Businesses

Field service management (FSM) software supports field service businesses to manage and optimize the business activities performed by field-based workers. Companies originally used the field service management software that requires on-site equipment deployment and maintenance, cleaning, repairs, and the like. In addition, utility companies and service-oriented businesses that deliver, repair, or clean at a customer’s location also leverage FSM software.

Managers and supervisors prefer to use field service management software to allocate workers to field tasks and monitor their performance. Field workers use it to find information about their functions, report on their work, and optimize the time and resources allocated for each job.

Field service management software usually integrates with GPS for location tracking and customer relationship management (CRM) to find customer information. 

To qualify for in the Field Service Management (FSM) category, a product must:

  • Support with features to dispatch workers based on the type of work, their availability, and the physical locations of customers
  • Seamless functionality to help managers prioritize fieldwork and optimize the human and material resources allocated to each job
  • Provide data to field workers on their tasks and how to achieve them
  • Assist by providing dashboards and analytics for managers to track ongoing field activities and the performance of field workers. 

Cost is one of the biggest affairs for small businesses. Field service management (FSM) software should provide a small company with the features you need to deliver exceptional customer service but can’t break the bank. But, not to worry. There are many affordable options with a wide range of capacities. We’ve listed the best field service management software for small businesses, starting with the most affordable options.

Upfront Considerations

Before we jump into the products that will prove to be the best for small businesses, you can ask yourself a few questions to help you frame your judgment of the following systems: 

How Many Users Do I Have?

Most field service management systems create their pricing around the number of users. It would be best to think about your current number of technicians and the growth you might experience soon. Consider the price offered at your current number of users, as well as the price for the expected number of users down the line.

How Many Jobs Does My Company Perform?

In addition to charging per user, many businesses charge per job. Unfortunately, this calculation isn’t always included in the sticker price, either. So make sure you fully understand the actual cost of your software before you buy it. Vendors that offer very low prices may cost your small business more in the long run.

How Much Data Storage Do I Need?

Many vendors boast about how their software allows technicians to document jobs with photo, video, and audio. But unless your solution is on-premise, your vendor also has to store all that data. So make certain that your small business is allotted enough data for your operations. 

Best Solutions for Small Business in India 

The following are the best field service software for small businesses, sorted into groups based on their affordability:

Field Proxy:

Field Proxy offers flexible pricing plans that will fit your pocket. The features and the customized pricing are just the addons for the smooth functioning of your field business,  

But there’s plenty of functionality for you and your staff, as well. For example, you can generate checklists and set up recurring jobs to regulate performance. Additionally, all plans offer scheduling, quotes and invoicing job history, and field worker tracking. 

The application ensures that you get a 360-degree view of your entire field operations. You can get your sales, delivery, assets, fleet, operations, servicing team: all this in a single platform. 


Lystloc started as an in-house application to solve on-field communication and productivity challenges. It is a fully functional application. 

We built a fully functional mobile app in a short period, and it worked wonders for us in solving the challenges we faced! It was then a natural progression to build the solution as an enterprise-grade solution for organizations like us. 

As a technology company, we had to build this solution with cutting-edge technologies for speed, scalability, security, and affordability.  

Our pay-per-use pricing is simple, and we want to make it easy for you to sign up for this sophisticated yet simple and rich product. The standard pricing for the users is 199/- per worker per month with all the best available features and best-suited ones. 

Feet Port:

Feet Port is an excellent small business field service management software, particularly for those looking for an easy-to-use solution. One of the main selling points of this system is its interface. Colorful and intuitive, this UI makes managing your field service a breeze. Fee Port allows office staff to manage accounts, schedules, billing, and business development all in one place.

Feet Port also supports mobile field force management. Field technicians benefit from the mobile app, allowing them to access and record information from anywhere. Its field force automation tools allow this information to be sent back to the office without user intervention. It helps streamline operations and improve efficiency. Feet Port Service users have reported 20 percent increases in revenue, 21 percent increases in job completion, and more than 30 percent savings in fuel costs.


Prohance has a cloud-based solution that optimizes your workforce processes through powerful real-time analytics.

ProHance offers best-in-market analytics with real-time view combined with customizable smart reporting & dashboards. Enables organizations to become more agile and achieve operating goals. Provide leaders with data and analytics, manage their distributed teams effectively, and ensure key operations metrics are met.

A rapidly expanding organization with 180,000+ users across 21 countries


FieldWeb is an excellent field service management software, particularly for those looking for an easy-to-use solution.FieldWeb allows employers to manage the field workers’ tasks, schedules, customer inquiries, billing, and business development all in one place.

FieldWeb pricing starts with Rs.150/- per user per month as the silver package, Rs.250/- per user per month as the gold package, and Rs.400 per user per month. What’s exciting about FieldWeb is that you can still avail of our services if you don’t wish to pay by staying on the basic plan with limited users. 

FieldWeb also supports mobile field force management. Field workers benefit from the mobile app, and it allows them to access and record information from anywhere. As a result, it helps streamline operations and improve efficiency. FieldWeb users have reported 20 percent increases in revenue, 50 percent increases in field worker productivity, and more than 30 percent increase in customer experience and reliability. 

FieldWeb is available in the cloud, which means you can ensure data security. It makes it a great field service software for small businesses and for those looking to grow.

In Conclusion

These are some of the great options if cost is a major concern for your small business. However, every company has different needs. There is also a possibility that the software system that fits your best isn’t on this list. So while, of course, it’d be nice to save some money, you actually might see a better ROI on a solution that truly caters to all your needs, even if it’s a bit more expensive. It is mainly true for medium-sized businesses that might find small business field software inadequate. 

Those mentioned above are some of the best and affordable field service management software for small businesses. 

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