Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Feature For Small Businesses

Today everything has become so much smarter. So what about your business? Yes, it is the right time for you to shift smarter with the “AMC management feature” with the right FSM software. 

With the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) feature, your business can easily manage after-sales services and maintain brand value.

Hence, Incorporating AMC Management features into your company operations will be the best bet.

What is AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract)?

AMC refers to the Annual Maintenance Contract or Annual Maintenance Cost.

It is routine for every service-based organization. They check that the equipment sold to the customers is running well without any failure.

For this, the field service businesses charge some amount from their customer for maintenance purposes for a particular product or service purchased for a fixed period.

According to the customer purchased contract, this contract period can be a few months, six months, or a few years.

Therefore, according to the agreement, every field business owner is alert to providing regular product services after the sales.

What is the AMC Management feature?

One part of the field service management software is the “AMC Management feature.”

The AMC management feature of FieldWeb can automatically manage all the Annual maintenance contracts without any error. 

It is the feature to manage:

  • complaint management, 
  • product details, 
  • complaint tracking, 
  • warranty management, 
  • reminder, 
  • Service Calls Scheduling, 
  • Complaint Service Calls for any product that could have warranty contracts and needs regular servicing.

The Industries that get benefited with AMC management feature 

Any service-based industry can use the AMC management software

 Small and medium-scale companies can use FieldWeb’s AMC feature that provides a product service for a certain period.

Using this, you can organize a complete record of all your Annual Maintenance Contract details like:

  • AMCs completed,
  • AMC dues, 
  • AMC renewal

Some of the industries that get benefitted through the AMC management feature includes: 

  1. Electronics
  2. Software
  3. Automobile
  4. Marketing & Sales
  5. Finance
  6. Insurance
  7. Healthcare
  8. Mechanical
  9. Household Appliances

How FieldWeb’s AMC Management feature Can Accelerate Your Business? 

It is great to know that your business enjoys a huge customer base. As the number grows, it becomes more challenging to find an easy way to manage all the requests and duties. 

For this, incorporating AMC management features would be an ideal choice.

AMC management feature will help 

  • You can track complaints,
  • Find the dates for services,
  • Fulfill all the annual maintenance contracts right on time.

You can satisfy and keep customers happy – as they will get the best of your services without any complaints.

  1. You can manage contracts efficiently: 

The service contract feature for small businesses helps save all annual maintenance contracts of each person and get notifications at the right time.

With this AMC feature, you will be able to manage your field workers on time before assigning them to their respective addresses. This is the perfect way to deal with maintenance contracts. It will also help to retain the degree of trust you have gained over the years.

Apart from your responsive and proper service methods, it would help if you also showed responsibility from your side. 

If you have “AMC management features,” you definitely will not miss the services!

  1. You can Start Saving Resources

Confused deployment of field technicians will not lead to anything productive. You cannot even make a good outcome from your attempts despite giving the fullest.

Hence, a well-managed approach will help you save on resources while deploying your resources.

It happens only by availing the “best Field Service Management software for Small businesses to track expenses.

Thus, the AMC service management feature is considered a future-ready platform to save on your expenses.

The overall advantages that you get through AMC management software

The AMC management feature is intended not just for business growth. Individually, it also benefits business owners, service engineers, and customers.

The Benefits of AMC Management feature for Business Owners:

AMC services are very important for any business. It helps save the organization’s costs. At the same time, they do not need to have added employees in their organization.  

With the AMC feature of FieldWeb, business owners can get a notification. It helps in maintaining all AMC contracts automatically before a month.

Whenever the AMC period is due, pending renewal or expired, it gives you the notification, and you can easily assign the task to the field worker. 

Hence, the AMC Management feature is an all-in-one feature that can be enabled or disabled according to your needs: 

  • The AMC feature provides Graphical representation to owners with a complete and detailed summary of complaints.
  • With the user-friendly dashboard, owners can easily see the progress of the present workforce in a specified task. It will also show a detailed summary of the open and pending services.
  • Lastly, with the on-the-job report feature of the application, business owners can easily track
  • All the complaints
  • Feedback of customers 
  • The warranty status 
  • Sales reports 

Benefits for Service workers:

AMC feature will provide field business owners with the automatic notification a month before the AMC period. After this notification, they can assign the task to the service workers. 

The service workers will then be planned and prepared for the day’s tasks. So, they don’t have to rush to reach the customer’s home to do service.

  • Service technicians attend the PMS (Pre Maintenance Schedule) calls and provide satisfying support. It helps in building a good relationship between the company and business enterprises.
  • You can efficiently manage the service calls.
  • Moreover, it made it easier to save time and money while servicing.
  • Lastly, you can get proper Scheduling every day to complete tasks without any confusion through AMC software.

Bottom Line:

 AMC management features are beneficial to accelerate your business. With the AMC feature, you can relax and enjoy sitting in a convenient place to work. It is like a backbone to your business. The annual Maintenance Contract feature of FieldWeb is a great way to save your business and help manage the field workers and get the services done on time! 

Download Now the best Field Service Management Software that can automatically manage all the Annual maintenance contracts without any error. 

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