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FieldWeb was founded in 2019, is a Gurgaon-based company, India, FieldWeb is an advanced provider of specialized management software for the field services industry. FieldWeb allows its clients to manage, optimize and track smarter the usual operations of their company, their field professionals, and customers. All of these benefits are made available from an easiest-to-use mobile app and desktop website. Here at FieldWeb, customer experience and satisfaction are consequential for long-lasting business growth.  

FieldWeb is designed with the fieldworker and the end-customer in mind. Our comprehensive surveys and understanding of how it works in the Indian market, have helped us design functions that help improve the transparency and visibility of your field service process. FieldWeb puts you on top of things of your business while letting your workers and customers self-service their role within the process.  

The product is also designed around productivity. It empowers you to control your field force in real-time and while smartly enabling their field scheduling, attendance management, and their progress on jobs. All from your fingertips, on our one-stop mobile app that allows your Field Service Management business easily.  

At FieldWeb, we believe your business deserves better software – software that’s ready to go, easy to set up and use, and requires minimal customization.  Our product lives up to this promise and is strengthened by our world-class support. And the most satisfying part is, you don’t have to break the bank to get them working.  

Today, over 12k + from 550+ clients who trust our software to run their business. We believe it’s just the beginning… 




Being professional field service management support and mobile application, our mission is to provide customer-centric, result-oriented, cost-competitive innovative & functional IT Solutions to our valuable global clients.  

We make sure that we follow the following principles in delivering our mission:  

  • We recognize the requirements and necessities of our customers and make technology to fix the needs.  
  • We believe to explore new possibilities that maximize the business value, constant growth, and sustainability.  
  • Enable our customers to acknowledge faster and more intuitively to changing market dynamics.  
  • Enable them to become more active and competitive through leveraging the Field Service market.  
  • Help our clients in increasing the productivity of their business in less time and at less cost.  
  • Collaborate with our clients in their continued success.  
our mission Being professional field service management support and mobile application.



Our vision is to become a well develops ecosystem that focuses on the growth and satisfaction of the client. We are focused on continuous innovation as our key for achieving the final goal of success and emerge as a globally recognized company by providing superior quality services and solutions.  

We hold to the following principles in achieving our vision:  

  • FieldWeb believes in exploring new opportunities that maximize the client’s business value, consistent growth, and sustainability using our core features.  
  • Meeting expectations of our customers, employees, and partners.  
  • Operate globally and bring the privileges of IT to improve the quality of the products and services of our clients.  
  • Be an active organization where openness, trust, teamwork, simplicity, and reform are valued and promoted.  
  • We value uprightness, responsibility, excellence, teamwork, transparency, and satisfaction for our clients and ourselves.  
  • Globally recognized for providing quality services to its customers while adhering to our core values. 
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Seek Excellence: At FieldWeb, employees are driven by the value of creating outstanding. Experiences for employees and customers likewise. So, it is not surprising that FieldWeb is a leader in client satisfaction and innovation. The value of pursuing perfection sets the bar high and encourages employees. To strive for perfection altogether they are doing.

Integrity: Trust amongst employees and customers is important to a company’s success. Thus, it is not surprising to find those successful tech companies. Like FieldWeb emphasize the value, “integrity.” The tech industry is saturated with confidential information. Great technology companies must do business with integrity. To realize their customers’ respect and trust.

People are assets: Connect with customers, partners, consumers. And every other to drive success. Relationships deliver outcomes because we can’t do our tasks without each other. When an individual goes above and beyond during this area. They own their impact on our business and our partners’ success. They dive deep to know how and why our industry and our customers tick. We’re all about providing great help -to users, to buyers, to our communities, and to each other. A true titleholder of this mindset takes pride in knowing that. We’re making true diversity by working together.

Customer satisfaction: The consumer is our top priority. And every day we’re hyper-focused on making them love the features and prosper their business. Someone who embraces this value makes every decision. Regardless of how big or small, with the buyer top of mind. They put themselves within the consumers’ shoes and make their experience better.


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In India, field services empower an estimate 15 million people in over 100,000 small businesses ran locally. 

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We build softwares that are a smart business assistance and are made to scale foot efficiency of local businesses. 

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 Our team at Fieldweb is trying to educate and increase adaption of technology in that majority, unorganised market of field services in India.






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Amit Dhawan

Founder & Director

Rohit Dhawan

Investor & Director

Sandeep Singh

Co-Founder & CPO

Technology that brings productivity

Field services is a billion-dollar industry in India. However, its unorganized pattern makes it difficult to adapt to the productivity standards seen in other industries today. A majority of these businesses still run on paper & notes as their modus operandi. we build software that is smart business assistance and are made to scale foot efficiency of local businesses. While doing that, we also bridge the knowledge gap and introduce technology as an agent of productivity for the non-adapted audience.

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