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Founded in 2019 and based in Gurgaon, India, Fieldweb is a trusted provider of specialised management software for the field services industry. Fieldweb enables its customers to organise, optimise and track smarter the everyday operations of their company, their field professionals and customers. All that, made available from an easiest-to-use mobile app and desktop website.

Fieldweb is designed with the field worker and the end-customer in mind. Our comprehensive surveys and understanding of how it works in the Indian market, has helped us design functions that helps improve transparency and visibility of your field service process. Fieldweb puts you in control of your business while letting your workers and customers self-service their role in the process.

Fieldweb is also designed around productivity. It allows you to monitor your field force in real-time and while smartly enabling their field scheduling, attendance management and their progress on jobs. All from your fingertips, on our marveled mobile app.


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In India, field services empower an estimate 15 million people in over 100,000 small businesses ran locally. 

Our Mission

Fieldweb’s mission is to impact the smaller “b” in the B2b with technology that brings productivity.

Our Belief

 Our team at Fieldweb is trying to educate and increase adaption of technology in that majority, unorganised market of field services in India.

Our Community

We build softwares that are a smart business assistance and are made to scale foot efficiency of local businesses. 






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Amit Dhawan

Founder & Director

Rohit Dhawan

Additional Director

Aamir Ajmal

Additional Director

Technology that brings productivity

Field services is a billion-dollar industry in India. However, its unorganized pattern makes it difficult to adapt to the productivity standards seen in other industries today. A majority of these businesses still run on paper & notes as their modus operandi. we build software that is smart business assistance and are made to scale foot efficiency of local businesses. While doing that, we also bridge the knowledge gap and introduce technology as an agent of productivity for the non-adapted audience.